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Realizing the potential of great people & companies capable of doing business in strategically creative ways is not just our job; it’s our calling.

Third Angle Vision


To be the most trusted, innovative partner for growing business value and human experience across networks, industries, and economic conditions.


To consistently materialize new value for our clients by employing our world class experience and proven methods of finding and connecting “hidden” assets and opportunities and shepherding them to fruition.

Third Angle Mission
Third Angle


What we stand for and what you can expect from Third Angle.

Jean Egmon
we were created to answer:

Where does our true potential for creating and capturing new value lie And how can we best transform that potential into business value and better human experiences, even when conditions are complex and tough?

Third Angle’s founder and team have spent decades creating and growing businesses within larger organizations (What we call intrapreneurship), researching, and counseling a wide range of companies through complex growth and business transformation challenges. It is clear company leaders are more challenged than ever to be creative, resourceful, and resilient. From our years of diverse experiences, we have codified a method and tools that works whenever you want to do something new or different to increase value. Third Angle exists to:

  • Equip you to create and capture new value, by utilizing and strengthening “both brains of business” – the “left brain” of business dynamics and technologies and the “right brain” of human experience and culture.
  • Gain from new ways of seeing and capitalizing assets and opportunities (often hidden in plain sight), as part of your journey, and in achievingresults that provide wins for multiple players at once.
  • Walk shoulder to shoulder with you from framing the challenge/opportunity all the way through execution and adoption of new things, and in realizing new value from those things.
  • Ensure your teams learn while doing the work of business, making them more adroit and natural at utilizing our systematic, holistic approach that uncovers hidden potential, and exponentially increases the adoption of new things within external and internal markets.

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Our Team

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Our process is organic in the truest sense

Over the years, Third Angle has partnered with hundreds of companies across continents & industries. The uniting feature they share is an openness to new ways of doing business that involve finding & leveraging hidden resources, motivations and relationships between assets and opportunities they did not see before, while redirecting their focus and actions. We purposely help business leaders design this “new way” to take root in one part of the business, first, and then spread it to others. It is organic in the truest sense, and it is the way cultures are changed, along with the more tangible aspects of the business. Rarely does this process take on the feel of a forced initiative, and yet it causes the organization to learn, evolve, adapt, and grow.

Much of our success is attributed to our ability to attract the highest caliber talent

Some of our most successful clients have joined our team to share their expertise and passion for finding the elegant “third angle” solution. This passion continually rejuvenates our appetite for learning and feeds the dynamic energy that distinguishes our firm. These successful and resilient growth catalysts, along with a host of academic experts and researchers, form the team and network of experts who serve our many clients.

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