Sue Payne


Sue Payne works for Third Angle and our clients in both product and people development. She also works diligently in integrating opportunity capture through our Consulting and Applied Learning offerings. 

In the energy industry, Sue has managed operations for complex, geographically dispersed energy projects. She has done similar work in the learning industry, serving as COO of the National Math and Science Initiative. 

A graduate in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Sue integrates science, business and human cognition and behavior to move people and projects to new levels of performance within Third Angle. Sue uses all of this experience to help Third Angle develop breakthrough value with our clients. 

Sue actively serves on numerous boards, reflecting her interests in social services, higher education, k-12 education and the arts. These include the United Way of Greater Houston, The Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Texas, The Smithsonian, and the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. 

Her passion extends to supporting women entrepreneurs through early-stage angel investing and travel.