Lee Entsminger


Lee Entsminger specializes in complex projects, negotiations, and deal-making with supply chain partners, governments, and internal stakeholders, as part of Third Angle’s expert team. 

Lee, a serial intrapreneur, has managed New Venture, Business Development, and Integrated Opportunity teams within large, multinational energy companies. A geoscientist and leader, Lee has been recognized for integrating technical and commercial knowledge with external political and government relationships, as applied to new market entries.

He uses his management experience at Third Angle to work with a diverse group of clients on government relations, partnerships, negotiations and more. 

Building on his passion for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, Lee has sponsored “The Entsminger Entrepreneurship Fellows” at his undergraduate alma-mater, Old Dominion University, while advising entrepreneurs on business strategy.

Outside of Third Angle, Lee is highly involved in many initiatives for Old Dominion University. He also works with other educational and nonprofits to provide an entrepreneurial business perspective, just as he does at Third Angle.      

Lee is also involved in many Virginia organizations such as the Virginia Aquarium Foundation, the Virginia Nature Conservancy and WHRO Public media, a public broadcasting organization including TV and radio that also provides educational programming and resources to the public, private and home-schooled children in Virginia. 

We are so glad to have Lee’s expertise at Third Angle.