Marc Nance

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Nance is the Chief Operating Officer of Third Angle, helping companies to grow by recognizing and orchestrating latent and disconnected assets within their networks in powerfully strategic and creative ways. 

Marc brings 35 years of business experience to our Third Angle Team from commercial and defense work principally with The Boeing Company.  During this tenure, Marc applied his engineering background to solve engineering and program challenges across the globe. For instance, in Australia Marc applied his capabilities to rescue a communications program from cancellation and led the program to profitability and customer success. In the U.S., Marc was then asked to lead an elite group of executives to address top challenges around the company by leveraging principles aligned with Third Angle. 

His unique experience prior to Third Angle has helped optimize his current work and become an efficient and effective leader of the firm. 

Outside of Third Angle, Marc also volunteers on several university and non-profit advisory boards where he brings his innovation, business and engineering experience.  In his free time, Marc enjoys sailing, hiking, and traveling with his wife and four daughters.