Our Approach


We believe in unleashing the power within by strategically uniting and activating your strongest assets: your company’s left and right brain, your internal and external networks of resources and opportunities, and your company’s core foundations and everyday operating practices.

Our unique process utilizes a holistic combination of creative pragmatism, experience, and science to help you uncover those “third angles” that will solve your most complex problems, ignite innovation and improvement at all levels, and achieve breakthrough performance and thriving now and for years to come.


We are committed to enabling growth through the power within your company's networks.

We create value for our clients and bridge the pre-strategy, strategy and execution phases of growth by conducting the following:

  • Identifying and resolving hidden, disconnected and underutilized resources and motivations from across various business systems
  • Helping our clients develop mindsets and skills to distinguish good complexity from bad complexity and bring together knowledge and resources to create proven patterns of growth and rewards
  • Working with our clients to recognize and unblock barriers to growth — whether those blocks exist where business is conducted, in the external environment, or in the minds and behaviors of the people involved
Who We Are

How We Work

We customize Third Angle's project teams, offerings, and tools to meet the needs and personalities of each client.

We work with our clients to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and build their capabilities in the process by utilizing our proven Way of Thriving Method™

Our Difference

Third Angle’s four unique distinctions combine to activate breakthrough performance, growth, and thriving inside and outside of your business.

Power Within Principle

Profitable, sustainable growth, and the capability to continue to innovate, comes from recognizing and utilizing the power with assets and opportunities already present in your internal and external networks, and integrating “both brains of business” from the start of any initiative.

Empathic Experts

The Third Angle team consists of serially successful intrapreneurs - growth catalysts, innovators, and leaders across a wide variety of industries, who specialize in spotting and creating new value others miss. Team members walk shoulder to shoulder with you from problem framing through results and adoption of new things.

New Value in Process & Results

Third Angle’s clients gain from new ways of seeing and capitalizing assets and opportunities, as part of their journeys, and in achieving results that provide wins for multiple players at once. Third Angle’s method and team help you recognize and utilize emerging value, and how to capitalize it so better outcomes are achieved now and in the future.

Capability & Culture Building

We help you attain improved business results and “learn while doing”. This two-part approach enables you to develop the capabilities and culture to be serially successful at innovation, collaboration and intrapreneurship, in addition to other pathways to growth and new value creation.

Our Approach

Our 5 T's
of Measurement

Using our NEWCO Map™ and 5 T's of Measurement, we work to strategically focus and simplify your company's swarm of competing ideas for successful KPI's by rolling them into quantifiable (and actionable) measures.

Find instances to reduce or capitalize on time metrics, such as your time to market, reducing your project or process time, and much more


Locate, engage and retain talent without having to hire external resources.


Find ways to monetize multiple forms of value and increase overall profitability.


Increase your customer, employee, and stakeholder engagement and collaboration, which will in turn increase the quality, safety, sales, retention and other influential aspects of your business.


Increase your positive brand recognition and reputation to become a category leader and magnet.

Our Values

Third Angle’s five principles of practice for value creation and positive growth are:

  1. Find and activate the power of “hidden treasures” within business dynamics and the human experience, together.
  2. Recognize this power as different forms of capital (human, knowledge, relationship, infrastructure, cultural and financial) that, when activated and linked, create profitable and sustainable growth and new value.
  3. Support clients throughout an innovative process to realize new ways of seeing, thinking and taking action.
  4. Provide clients multiple ways to realize business potential through: Consulting & Project Partnerships, Networks, Hands-On Epiphany Events, Workshops & Labs, Applied Learning, and Targeted Coaching & Tools.
  5. Leave each client with more value and more wisdom than when we began our work