May 18, 2024

Knowing Emergent Value When We See It

Have past innovation attempts left your company feeling burnt and jaded? You're not alone. Many businesses struggle to navigate the treacherous waters of change.

Third Angle often gets called by companies whose prior attempts at doing something new or different have greatly disappointed; cost a lot of time, money, talent turnover, and customer loss; or flat out failed.

As a president of a mega, multi-national company, just coming through a “successful” merger confided: “Jeanie, we did it. But you need to show us a better way. I don’t think my health or that of our employees could survive something like that again.”

Intrapreneurship: A Path to Sustainable Growth

Despite the scars, these business leaders know they cannot just sit still if they want to be relevant, competitive, and increase their value. With a blend of determination and trepidation, they invite us to help them learn and employ our proven Third Angle Way of Thriving Method™ for intrapreneurship

We champion intrapreneurship. It involves creating new businesses, or new ways of doing business, within established systems, and improving the systems in the process. Imagine revitalizing your company while respecting your established strengths!

Beyond Traditional Metrics: Measuring Emergent Value

What clients experience is a process that is more powerful, positive, efficient, and respectful of their current assets than other things they have tried or read about. But they still rightly ask questions, “How do we know if it’s working?” “Is there some low-hanging fruit we can produce?” “What will activate energy and build momentum for what we are trying to do?”

At Third Angle, we have another way of looking at those questions. We ask, “How do we create value in the process, in the results, and for the future?” 

Clients often rightfully ask, "How do we know if it's working?" Forget rigid metrics – we focus on emergent value: the potential for future growth and impact hidden within your company.

The how lies in the way we help clients identify, engage, and link undervalued assets and opportunities sitting in their midst. My upcoming book The Power of Hidden Treasures: How to Break Through Growth Barriers, Catapulting Your Business from Surviving to Thriving spells out our Method and brings it to life through fascinating stories of finding and utilizing “hidden” assets and turning them into new value.

The answer to the “how do we know it’s working?” lies in our simplified measurement scheme that has two parts.

The first part utilizes the NEWCO (Networked Economy of Working Capitals and Opportunities)™ map and process we use to identify and track potential and emerging value.

The second part focuses on the 5T’s of Measurement (Time, Talent, Treasure (monetized), Trust, and Talk)™. Those five indicators tell you if a project is on its way to thriving or not. 

Introducing the NEWCO™ Process and 5T's of Measurement

  • NEWCO (Networked Economy of Working Capitals and Opportunities)™ Mapping: This framework helps us identify and track untapped potential, revealing a network of valuable assets like market insights, employee expertise, and collaboration opportunities.
  • 5T's of Measurement: Our simplified system focuses on Time, Talent, Treasure (monetized), Trust, and Talk. Each metric acts as an indicator of progress:some text
    • Time: When people take time out from their routine and invest time even to listen and consider, we know the sparks for thriving have been lit.
    • Talent: Talent exists at any level and includes knowledge, skills, and dispositions (including mindsets, perspectives, and motivations). Often, thriving ventures reveal talent that others did not see before or perhaps was disengaged or under-engaged
    • Treasure (monetized): Thinking of things as in or out of budget, or as a cost, is one way to shepherd a venture and manage a business. But businesses only thrive if people are willing to take risks and freely invest money, or other monetized goods like intellectual property or infrastructure, with the anticipation (but no guarantee) that their freewill investment will be mixed with other capitals to produce value they care about.
    • Trust: The signs that trust is growing are often found in the exchange of various forms of capital in the NEWCO™ I mentioned above. Trust often shows itself in the sharing of personal, private, or informal knowledge; sharing of valued relationships; and in ceding leadership to others. People consider letting others in on some of their most closely held capitals to be risky business. Therefore, trust is generally present before these closely held capitals (like information) are shared.
    • Talk: Talk indicates thriving when the talk coalesces positively in the direction of where the venture is headed, and/or provides constructive feedback to improve it. A serially successful intrapreneur once shared: “You know it’s working when they start using your language and they think it is their own.” Another shared, “Feedback is a gift. It assumes people want to improve.”

The ”how” to create value in the process, in the results, and for the future requires knowing how to recognize emergent value when you see it. The 5 T’s of Measurement™, and dynamic NEWCO™ mapping are great tools for tuning your senses to indicators of thriving.

Unlocking the Power of Hidden Treasures: Your Journey Starts Now

In my upcoming book, The Power of Hidden Treasures, I covered this method in detail and share inspiring stories of companies who transformed "hidden assets" into powerful drivers of growth.

Don't let past failures define your future.

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