February 5, 2024

The Map to Creating New Value for your Business

Have you ever been driving in what you thought was familiar territory, only to find that things have changed?  Maybe a street that used to be two-way is now one-way. The old landmark gas station on the corner has been replaced by a coffee shop and yoga studio. The on-ramp that you always used to enter the expressway through is now closed.

It’s confusing and frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry. But then, it hits you, that while the things you always relied on have changed, there are still plenty of landmarks around you that you barely acknowledged before.  There are diners you never thought of trying. There is a new on-ramp just around the corner. Besides, if you just turn on your GPS system, a dynamic visual and a voice will show and tell you where you are going and how to get there. It will even adapt according to the conditions, and point you to places to see and visit that you may have missed before.

The Changing Business Landscape

Traveling through today’s business economy is a lot like the traveler who can no longer rely on old habits and pathways that were once taken for granted. The paths we used to take towards customer satisfaction have now closed. The technologies we once relied on for years are no longer supporting the complexity and volume of the business. Metrics that traditionally pointed to good performance are no longer enough.  And yet, in the change of routes, come opportunities.

The NEWCO™ Map: Your Treasure Map for Business Success

Drawing from over three decades of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial experience, we've developed a groundbreaking tool and process – the Networked Economy of Working Capitals and Opportunities™ (NEWCO™) Map. This tool combines the concept of a treasure map with a dynamic navigation system, leading you to hidden assets and opportunities, even amidst a changing world. Customized to your objectives, it also identifies barriers to address or bypass.

The Networked Economy of Working Capitals and Opportunities™, otherwise known as NEWCO™ or the NEWCO Map™, and its accompanying process, is a game changer for companies and the people and projects within them. Users love the NEWCO Map™ and have found invaluable leaps and shifts after applying its process to their business.

Why Businesses Love the NEWCO™ Map:

  1. Reveals the Unseen: The NEWCO™ Map uncovers influential factors in any project, whether acknowledged or not. It highlights assets, barriers, and potential pitfalls, providing a holistic viewpoint to support big business decisions.
  2. Balances Big Picture and Details: It offers both a high-level perspective of your economy and intricate insights into specific changes, their timing, and stakeholders involved.
  3. Fosters Collaboration: The map promotes shared understanding of opportunities and challenges, breaking down siloed viewpoints within an organization.
  4. Adaptable and Updatable: You can continually update the NEWCO™ Map to track project progress and outcomes, allowing for specific adaptations and monitoring ripple effects.

This is the first time you are seeing a high-level view of the NEWCO Map™. Think of the 9 areas as networks of value, with many specific forms of capital nested within them. Like all maps that help you navigate complex, busy terrains, a key is needed to define terms, and you need the ability to have the big picture and get down to the details of where to turn left and where to turn right, etc.

Unlocking Value with Third Angle

In practice, my Third Angle team and I collaborate with our clients to read, document, navigate, and generate shared insights around the NEWCO Map™ throughout the project. We use power questions, decision trees, perspective analysis, action planning and follow-up assistance, customized to their businesses so their journeys produce value during the process and in the results.

We guarantee you will find assets and opportunities you might have otherwise missed, sometimes even disguised as barriers or problems. And we will help you see options to take, and their consequences. With us you learn how to recognize and connect your assets in whole new ways, so value is created and sustained, even in tough climates.

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