January 15, 2024

Why I Wrote The Power of Hidden Treasures

Decades of Intrapreneurial Wisdom

My life as a Serially Successful Intrapreneur (SSI) and a pattern-recognizing professor has been an exhilarating blend of action and academia. Over thirty years, I've learned the nuances of fostering growth and innovation within established systems. This rich tapestry of experiences fueled my desire to demystify the 'hidden stuff' of successful intrapreneurship, a journey that led to the creation of my book, The Power of Hidden Treasures.

The Silent Language of SSI’s

Throughout my career, engaging with fellow SSIs like Zack Lowe from Waste Management and many other clients, I noticed a critical gap: the implicit strategies and mindsets driving intrapreneurial success often remained unspoken. This lack of clarity not only made innovation within established organizations daunting but also seemed impractical to many. I witnessed how fleeting successes and mishandled failures could wear down trust and disengage important stakeholders.

A Call for Change

The turning point came during a conversation with a multinational company president, post-merger. His plea for a better approach resonated deeply: 

"Jeanie, you’ve got to show us a better way than what we used." 

This plea became my mission.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

In answering that call, I realized I had a book inside me that needed to be shared. My new book, The Power of Hidden Treasures, How to Breakthrough Growth Barriers, Catapulting Your Business from Surviving to Thriving, is an answer to that call – a guide to leading businesses and projects with a focus on thriving. It's about embracing new growth opportunities and complex challenges with an approach that balances business, technical and human aspects of growth and thriving. The book equips the reader with innovative and practical solutions.

A Framework for Success

Hidden Treasures introduces a practical framework, born from my many years of practical business experience and interdisciplinary application of various scientific principles to business challenges. This framework is not just theoretical; it's a set of actionable methods and tools that readers can apply directly to their business scenarios, and experience the multi-dimensional value they produce.

A Guide for the Modern Intrapreneur

This book is more than just my story; it’s the story of Serially Successful Intrapreneurs (SSIs) from across industries and functions. What’s more,  it's a roadmap for anyone looking to unlock the potential within their business environments. It's about transforming the way we approach business, armed with a deeper understanding and practical tools. The Power of Hidden Treasures, How to Break Through Growth Barriers, Catapulting Your Business from Surviving to Thriving is my contribution to the world of intrapreneurship, a guide to help you navigate and succeed in your ventures.