The Angler
March 19, 2024

Celebrating Gerry's Legacy: A Journey of Innovation, Connection, and Unending Adventure

Isn’t it fitting that Gerry Schwartz should introduce a book about setting up companies and people to thrive?

The Power of Hidden Treasures and our company, Third Angle, Inc., show companies, and their internal entrepreneurs, how to go about their business in ways that were natural for Gerry.

There was nothing common about Gerry, though fun, creative, business savvy, and a builder and keeper of genuine relationships describe him to a T. When I first conceived the book, I knew it needed to contain powerful stories that would inspire, entertain, and teach. I knew I had to include Gerry and his story.

Individual Journeys of Thriving
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It takes a whole lot of love, wits, and courage to be original, remain true to yourself, and found and lead new things. Gerry had all three gifts, and you’ll see them shining through in this chapter excerpt.

I cried when I learned about Gerry’s passing. But the immediate grief quickly turned to a smile when I imagined Gerry arriving in Heaven, without having to use any of his frequent flyer miles. I imagined him thinking “Wow! What an adventure!” and then being offered some out-of-this-world wine. I imagined he said something irreverent, but complimentary, to God that made God laugh and entrust the keys to the wine cellar to Gerry. Gerry is having a great time and still influencing us. Here’s to our treasured friend!